Shared Heart Summer Retreat
July 21, 2019 - July 26, 2019

Five unforgettable days for you, your partner, or your family at magical Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon.

Each summer at the Shared Heart Summer Retreat, we witness individuals and couples moving through the barriers which prevent them from fully loving. We rejoice as families are more deeply united and children opened to their natural selves. And we sing and celebrate as one united family.


“I have come to love the family that is formed amongst all who gather each year at this exceptional retreat. Barry and Joyce create a safe and beautiful space for the adults and the teachers do the same for the children. The combination is magical and deep enough to last a lifetime. It is a rare experience to find a family camp that encompasses all paths and beliefs and nurtures growth and awareness at any age level.” - Rosie Sumner, Past Event Coordinator

Let there be magic! Doris Rainville, assisted by John-Nuri Vissell, and group. --photo by Tamara Crane.

At the Shared Heart Summer Retreat, the children undergo their own transformational journeys. Their program is alive with art and movement, nature experiences and fun groups! The age groups are 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12 (subject to change depending upon the needs of the group). The overall theme is a series of adventures leading toward self-discovery.

The teaching staff are all trained, experienced and compassionate.

Doris Rainville is a mother of five children. She has been a Waldorf kindergarten teacher for many years, currently in Grass Valley, California. She creates a magical kingdom with the 4 and 5 year olds.

Inspiring joy in cooperation, honoring of nature, and respect for each individual, Michele Guttenberg brings many years experience helping children to discover their true artistry, communication and adventure. Her age group is approximately 6-8.

Jennifer and Scott Newell have for many years held the vision for a life-changing and empowering experience for the 9-12 year olds (approximate).

The teen program (ages 13 and up) has become so popular that past participants insist their families return with them. Led by our daughter, Rami Vissell, who has her PhD in clinical psychology and has extensive experience and training in working with this age group. Our son, John-Nuri, with his bachelor's degree in psychology, will co-lead. Teens over 18 can have the opportunity to join the adult program.


“This teen program is the only time of the year that i get to be fully myself ... and fully accepted by everyone around me.”  - Liam Hazelton, age 16


Summer Renewal & Re-union at Breitenbush Hot Springs
One of the many teen fun/challenges led by Rami and John-Nuri.


The young adult program, led by Azlan Smith, fills a much-needed gap between the teens and the adults.

"We all live alone with ourselves, we all live inside a community, and we all walk across the hills or through the forests. The Young Adult program explores all three of these connections. We'll do art, get lost in the forest, talk through the stories we tell about our lives, and hopefully learn more about the path we're walking and who we're walking with. Expect adventure, silliness, cold water, hard questions and new friends." --Azlan Smith


The adult program includes yoga, meditation, guided visualization, individual and group processes, instruction and personal coaching by Joyce and Barry Vissell, heart-sharing, lots of spontaneity, and time for soaking in the hot springs or exploring.


“Our whole family became saturated with an amazingly abundant love at this retreat. What a blessing!”  - Ona and David Sachs


Michael Zerphy, clown supreme, mime, and magician, all with a positive message.



Daily Schedule (subject to change)

6:30am optional yoga class

7:15am optional chanting, meditation, and message

8:00am breakfast

9:30am adults and children in combined program

10:30am adults and children in separate programs

1:00pm lunch and free time

4:00pm adults and children in separate programs

6:00pm dinner

7:30pm evening activities**

9:30pm quiet/bedtime

** performance by John-Nuri, clown/magic show with Michael Zerphy and friends, sweat lodge/initiation ceremony for children and teens, and talent/skit night.


Breitenbush Hot Springs

Breitenbush Hot Springs is located in the Oregon Cascade Range one hour east of Salem, one and a half hours from Portland, and has long been held sacred as a meeting place by the Native Americans for tribal councils. Now a rustic but comfortable conference center with lodge, cabins, campground, and hot pools of different temperatures overlooking the Breitenbush River, it still retains its sacred power. Free time during the week will give you ample opportunity to soak in the healing waters, steam in the sauna, dip into crystal clear mountain streams, or hike through old-growth forests. More info and photos, go to


Total cost: (includes workshop, meals, lodging and full use of all facilities) $950/adult for camping in your own tent or vehicle, $1045/adult for lodge room, $1230/adult for cabin without private bathroom, and $1410/adult for cabin with private bathroom. Adult prices are valid only if paid in full by Jun 15. After Jun 15, add $50 late registration fee per adult. $100 non-refundable deposit per adult. $250-500 (based on lodging) per adult non-refundable after Jun 15.

Children: 0-3 years: free (no program for this age group; parents may co-op with each other); 4-12 years: $555; 13-17: $660.

To Register: General information (adult and children program) or registration: Paris Morgan at The Shared Heart Foundation office. Or call 831.684.2299. Partial work exchanges are available for helping in the children's program.

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