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The Shared Heart Foundation The Shared Heart Foundation


Joyce Vissell, RN, MS
Barry Vissell, MD

Board of Directors

United States: 

Barry Vissell, MD

Joyce Vissell, RN, MS
Steve Soskin, MA
James Lipson
Rebecca Lipson
Berneva Adams, MD
Bobbi Spurr, ND, PA-C
Robert Gitlin, D.O.
Karla Gitlin, D.O.

Diana Cunningham, NMD, ND, MA

Michael Murphy, CFA



Evelyn Horsch-Ihle
Peter Ihle



Hermod Nordby-Hansen
Renate Nordby-Hansen



Isabella Beckman
Kim Beckman


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The Shared Heart Foundation
A California nonprofit educational 501c3 corporation

Changing the World One Heart at a Time

Welcome to The Shared Heart Foundation, where every individual, couple, family, child and teen are precious to us. On the following pages, you will find valuable inspiration and practical help for living from the heart, relationship, parenting, and spiritual growth. Please feel free to click any of the above buttons to see how we can be of help.


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Upcoming Events



January 4-6

Esalen Couples Retreat

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA


January 9-13

The Greatest Journey

(Mentorship Program)

Aptos HomeCenter



February 12-17, 2019

In-Depth Couples Retreat

Aptos HomeCenter


March 23

Unity San Jose


April 5-7

Annual Men’s Retreat

Aptos HomeCenter


June 21-23

Summer Couples Retreat


Aptos HomeCenter


July 21-26

Shared Heart Summer Retreat

Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR


Sepember 24-30

Assisi Retreat

Assisi, Italy



Click here for our full schedule...




























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