Workshop/Retreat Testimonials

What participants have said about the Vissell's workshops:

"Being in this workshop has allowed me to experience a way that I have dreamed and prayed human beings could relate to one another."

"I left this workshop with my heart bursting with love. I have never experienced anyone so good at bringing this much love out of people."

"This workshop has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Becoming of one mind and heart with an initially diverse group of people is special beyond words." 
"I found that some of my deepest, darkest fears and pain could be shared in a new-found safety, and once released, my pain became my joy, my weakness became my strength, strangers became intimate friends, and I discovered a new way of seeing."

"This workshop helped me to look forward to the love and joy I now know is possible in a relationship."

“I’m sad to leave this retreat. I need more of this in my life.” 
- Ariel Howard, age 14, about the Summer Retreat

“Our whole family became saturated with an amazingly abundant love at this retreat. What a blessing!”- Ona and David Sachs

“I have come to love the family that is formed amongst all who gather each year at this exceptional retreat. A safe and beautiful space is created for the adults, children, and teens. The combination is magical and deep enough to last a lifetime. It is a rare experience to find a family camp that encompasses all paths and beliefs and nurtures growth and awareness at any age level.”
- Rosie Sumner

"The main medicine of the Shared Heart Foundation is unconditional love. They will lead you on a journey of the heart; thawing icicles of fear, breaking cobwebs of mental preoccupation, and kindling a blaze of warmth, love and connectedness. Their work is gentle, yet powerful. It is experiential, practical and moving. You will acquire the tools for opening the heart and deepening your lives and relationships."
- Gary Reiter, MD, Past Vice-president, Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, MA

"When people ask me what sets the Shared Heart retreats apart from the many similar-sounding programs, I tell them about the atmosphere of peace, trust and unconditional love, the likes of which few people ever experience elsewhere." 
- John Kjaargard, Volcano, HI

"The Shared Heart Foundation inspires a rare level of trust, empathy and bonding within their groups. People feel so at home that they let go of their barriers. I was amazed at the healing atmosphere present in the room." 
- New Times

"My work in international conflict resolution has taught me that peace is not made between nations or cultures. Peace is only made between individuals. The Shared Heart Foundation is working effectively at the core of this true peacemaking. They are the real peacemakers."
-Danaan Parry, Earthstewards Network, author of Warriors of the Heart, and father of American Citizen Diplomacy


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