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East Coast Couples Retreat
October, 2020

Rowe Conference Center, Rowe MA, in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains


“The process of joining with another can be a way of accelerating our growth and can be a powerful journey of awakening. Walking the path of relationship deepens the soul’s capacity for compassion, the heart’s capacity for embracing love, and helps us to understand love’s cycles of giving and receiving. The closer we come to another, the better we come to know ourselves.” –from Light in the Mirror, by Barry and Joyce Vissell


We hear consistently from couples that Joyce and Barry’s retreats take them to new depths of love and commitment.

In this workshop you will learn: tools for deeper appreciation, communication building including healthy communication of feelings, the effects of using our partner as a mirror (we will work with positive as well as negative projections), understanding and respecting each other’s differences, resolving conflicts, healing past hurts, how to apologize (making amends), sexual wellness and happiness, and developing a true inner connection with your partner.

To varying degrees, we all carry negative programming from our past, and there are loving and effective ways to transform this out-of-date behavior into a positive and vibrant celebration of connection. Each person will learn a creative process that will enable past hurts to heal, conflicts to be resolved, and trust to grow.

The workshop will include exercises and practices for the couples to do with each other, therapeutic coaching of each couple by the Vissells, meditations /visualizations designed to deepen the love in the couple, and time for sharing after each practice.


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