The Greatest Journey

The Greatest Journey

Expanding Your Ability to Give and Receive Love.

A 3-Part Workshop — Mentoring into Love.

from November – April.

8-minute video about our Mentorship Program

Videographer, Reinhard Lorenz, created this short piece to convey the essence of this life-changing program.

Find and live your dream, your passion, and your purpose! Individually and together with a small, carefully chosen group of 8-14 participants (singles or couples), these 6 months will help you recreate your life.

After many years of workshop participants asking for something deeper and on-going, the Shared Heart Foundation has finally designed this personal mentorship program. We will work intensively with you to make a profound difference in your life. First we will help you clarify your life goals, discover your deepest dreams, and find your true purpose for being here on earth. Then, we (along with the whole group) will support you to achieve your goals, to take the most important steps to bring your dreams into reality, and to live your purpose.

Some participants get so much out of this program that they continue the following year. They find the growth work to be exponential — so much more each subsequent year.

Sample areas of focus:

  1. A sustained experience of living from your heart.
  2. Deepening your spiritual connection.
  3. A new career that nurtures your soul.
  4. Opening to a life partner.
  5. Finding a true path of service in the world.
  6. Developing healing abilities.
  7. Accessing intuition, your inner guidance.
  8. Healing the old patterns that keep you stuck.
  9. Cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself.
  10. Learning the art of receiving.
  11. Awakening your true inner joy and happiness.
  12. All or some of the above.


4-day beginning retreat at the Shared Heart Center in Aptos, CA: November 9-13, 2018. This retreat will powerfully begin the clarification process, focus your needs and desires, establish group support, and develop a plan for the 6 months.

Second retreat:  January 9-13, 2019.

Ending retreat: April 24-28, 2019. A time for completion, support for sustaining all the work that has been done, celebration, and graduation.

2 Tele-Workshops per month. We will schedule these conference calls to work for everyone. Calls will be 1.5 hours long. Using phone conferencing technology, we will all be together on the same phone call, sustaining the wealth of support from being together.

Peer-to-peer support. You will have the opportunity to work closely with another participant on a rotational basis for the purpose of supporting one another (in person or over the phone). We will give suggested assignments, and you will create new ones.

Optional private consultations.

What Participants Say About this Program:

“Doing this work has torn down the substantial walls I had built to protect myself; the walls that in reality had kept my heart a prisoner for so many years.” –Brian Jones, Bainbridge Island, WA

“When I went to Shared Heart workshops in the past, the feelings at the end would be amazing, but would ‘wear off’ over the next few weeks. In this program, these feelings of love for oneself, family, and friends no longer wear off and have become part of my life.” –Trisha S

“This program is my greatest dream come true. I have done it every year since it began. As an added bonus, the people in my life tell me I’m more radiant, beautiful, younger-looking. They feel safer.” –Chery Klairwator, business owner, Albuquerque, NM

“The experience of the mentorship has totally changed my life. I was able to finally get out of a very unhealthy marriage and the end result was that I was able to find my true love and totally change my life’s path. The vision I always saw for my life is now being realized. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is searching for true happiness and love in their life and relationships.”
–Melinda (Lindi)

“I used to feel scared and trapped when my emotional needs weren’t being met — and I had great difficulty verbalizing those needs. This often happened when I took on other people’s projections. I would then either express anger, or at least appear to be angry to those around me. In the 6-month mentorship program, I have had the experience of being seen in my most difficult places and being totally loved. I came away with a profound sense of acceptance and inner peace which has not left me in nearly four years, regardless of the ups and downs of my emotions. I also have the experience of being able to separate myself from others’ projections and to stay more centered in conflict. I find now that I am able to verbalize my needs more readily, and that I rarely express anger and more easily express my more tender emotions. I am claiming my deep sensitivity more publicly now. As I enter into a beautiful new relationship, I am so grateful for these new abilities. I am clear that I couldn’t function in a healthy relationship without having had this growth and the support of the people in the mentorship.”  –Annette, Whidbey Island, WA

“There are so many moments to describe my experience in the mentorship program. Moments of deep opening, moments of incredible realization, moments when old wounds and grief fell away. This process of learning what love really is can often take me in the opposite direction from what I expected. Time and time again, the answer has come through the gentle, loving container of this amazing program. After one of the mentorship meetings I had the following dream which, for me, is the most succinct description of the result I have experienced from the mentorship:

It was a morning like any other,
Though I awoke filled brimming with joy
Remembering a dream of a painless labor
and giving birth to a small baby
that popped with one hard push and
curled sweetly in my palms,
The warmth of her skin warmed my hands like the sun
Her sweet smell wafted up into my smiling, tearful, face and
her breath came gently in little puffs
onto the skin of my hand
and I knew, without a doubt,
that this perfect tiny baby was me.”
Lupe 2010

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