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Joyce Vissell, RN,MS and Barry Vissell, MD

The Vissell family in 1997 with their first litter of Golden Retrievers, their family hobby.


Top Quality Golden Retrievers as Loving Companions

We trust that you will enjoy and treasure your puppy and that he or she will become a valuable member of your family. We breed our female dogs every other heat cycle, only once every year and a half to two years, after they have passed all the health clearances at age two. At age six they are retired from breeding and remain a vital part of the family. Breeding and raising the puppies from birth is our family project and we each enter into our specific duties with joy and enthusiasm. Our family has a lot of love and respect for one another and we give that same love and respect to each puppy. This is our unique quality as The Golden Light Kennel. The puppies spend their first five weeks right in our home hearing human voices and being picked up and loved. A typical scene at dinner is all of us sitting around the table taking turns holding the different puppies and having fun with them. After five weeks they outgrow their inside pen and go to the outdoor area, just feet away from our dining room. We spend a lot of time sitting in the pen, holding and playing with them. Several times a day they each get a chance to experience a supervised play time in the backyard. Early human contact and love are important for producing a great pet with the ability to be easily trained.

Introducing our newest breeding female … Golden Light’s Love of Honey (“Honey”)

Rosey shot
Golden Light’s Rose – grandmother of our current breeding female, Honey.

 Princess Grace of Golden Light (“Gracie”) 


We also have the highest breeding standards for our females. Princess Grace of Golden Light comes from a long line of show dogs. Because of the quality breeding, the dogs are gentle, smart and beautiful.

Both the parents of these puppies have their health clearances. The OFA ( hip, elbow and heart clearance) and CERF (eye clearance) are very important when purchasing a Golden Retriever. Nothing is more heartbreaking than to purchase a puppy that has not been bred well and have it develop hip, elbow, heart or eye problems which cause much pain and expense. Our first golden retriever, which was purchased over 40 years ago, was not bred well. He developed hip and other problems. Because of that experience we have chosen to breed our puppies in the highest and best way possible.

We nourish the mother and puppy with the best nutrition we can get. The puppies will have two wormings and will receive their first puppy vaccine. You will receive a record of this when you pick up your puppy. Thank you for choosing the Golden Light Kennel. You have chosen a pure golden bundle of love and affection.


Gracie and puppies, almost 3 weeks old here.


Emma and Buzz puppy


Golden Light’s Bailey guarding Oliver — Our goldens are exceptional with children.


Honey’s Pedigree


Honey’s Health Clearances




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