©℗2021 The Shared Heart Foundation

Recorded at the Shared Heart HomeCenter
Barry Vissell: all songs, vocals, harmonium and piano
John-Nuriel Vissell: extra vocals, recording, producing, and cover art
Joyce Vissell: spoken verses

Dear Shared Heart Friends,

It is my great joy to announce our first music album. As many of you know, one of my (Barry) passions in life is music. For many years, I have shared other people’s music, singing and playing my harmonium. It has only been a few years that I have started writing my own songs, most of them prayers to inspire me. I have been quite content sharing my music at retreats and, during this pandemic, on our weekly YouTube videos.

But then our son, John-Nuriel, urged me to let him record some of my songs, and add his amazing vocals. In the process, we added Joyce speaking a few of her favorite short verses, ones that she says daily to herself. We are very happy with the final result, and we hope it brings joy and inspiration to you as well.

And, if you like the music, please make a donation of any size to support The Shared Heart Foundation.

The Songs:

1. I Stand for Love. By popular vote, this became our cover song. Short and powerful, with Joyce speaking one of her favorite verses. We need to make a powerful stand for love.

“I stand for love, stronger and stronger.
I pray for peace, with all of my soul.”

2. I Am Loved. What more do you need to know! Please sing along on the chorus.

“You’re always here, calling me home.
The angels whisper, you’re never alone.
I am loved.
Let me be free, my soul unbound
Flying in heaven right here on the ground.
I am loved.”

3. Let Me Do Thy Will. This song, like most of my songs, start from prayers or affirmations, written for myself.

“Let me do Thy will. Let me do Thy will.
Let my mind be still, and let me do Thy will.
Let me live in grace. Let me live in grace.
Let me see Your holy face, and let me live in grace.”

4. We Are Here. I envisioned one group singing, “We are here to give you our love,” and another group singing, “We bring heaven on earth.” I love how the two parts sound together.

5. Thank You Song. Because gratitude is one of the highest spiritual paths.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love.
Oh God, oh Divine Presence
Please will You bless me with your love.
Oh God, oh Divine Presence
Please will You use me to bless the world.”


6. Interlude – I Am with You. A 1-minute message from Joyce.


7. You are the One. I love Pachelbel’s Canon so, while I was playing it on the piano one day, I heard the words for this song. Then I gave it some variation. I wrote this song for Joyce, but it is just as much for the Divine Presence.

“You are the one, the only one.
I give my love to you … till the end of time.
You make me whole. You wake my soul.
With every breath, I give thanks.
You heal that place, I cannot face.
There is more life with your love.”

8. I Trust Your Love. You do have a choice. You can trust or not trust.

“You help me see, you help me feel,
There’s joy inside of me.
I trust your love, I trust your love.
I need you.”

9. Always Have I Loved You. Paramahansa Yogananda lost his mother when he was a boy. He became determined to pray until he received reassurance from the Divine Mother. She finally appeared to him in human form and spoke two simple sentences: He was completely comforted, and we all can be comforted as well.

“Always have I loved you. It couldn’t be more clear.
Always will I love you. I couldn’t be more near.”

10. I Am the Light. Joyce and I came up with this simple chant over 40 years ago.

“I am the light shining out on the world.
Open your heart and receive who I am.”

11. You’re Here All the Time. Never are we alone. Great Spirit is with us always. Try going into meditation after this 8-minute recording.

“I sometimes feel all alone
With no one to help me.
Like a child without a home
With no comfort near me.
I just couldn’t hear you.
You seemed so far away.
So numb I couldn’t feel you.
Didn’t know you’re here to stay.
But you’re here God, all the time
You’re here with me all the time.
(Italian) Tu se qui Dio, tutto il tempo
Se qui con me tutto il tempo
You’re here all the time God
You’re here with me always.”

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