Not Just Ordinary Help: Another Miracle on the Road

Have you ever really needed help and it seemed like no one cared?  Well, we just had that experience and it ended up in a beautiful miracle.


Barry and I had just finished a river trip on the Trinity River in Northern California. It was extremely hot as we were beginning our way back home after a very tiring day putting all of the rafting equipment into our truck and camper. It was 6:30 and I was sleeping next to Barry as he was slowly making his way up a very steep incline.


All of a sudden there was an explosion!!!  The entire radiator burst apart and our windshield was covered in boiling radiator fluid. This was not the typical overheating that some vehicles have with steam coming from their hood. This was a complete explosion. We were stopped dead on the shoulder of a very busy highway.


We called AAA right away and, for the first time that I ever remember, they were not helpful. They connected us to a number where we were put on hold for over an hour and, when the person finally came on, he informed us that they were closed. The nearest city, Redding, was over an hour away, and we finally paid to have our truck towed there. On the way, sitting in the truck with the young driver who grew up a few miles from our home, we ended up counseling him through a difficult situation with his new relationship.


We had never been to Redding other than to drive through. It is a small city known for excessive heat, and even on a late Friday evening it was almost 100 degrees outside. It seemed many of the shops were closed for the weekend but the tow truck driver knew of a place that was open Saturday so he left us there. It was now late at night and we got a bit of sleep in our camper even though it was 95 degrees.


In the morning, we discovered a handmade sign on the door of the shop that announced they were no longer open on Saturdays.  We were stuck in a very hot parking lot watching the temperatures rise by the minute. It was supposed to be 109 that day in Redding. We did not know anyone in this town.


We held hands and prayed for help, asking that we could be guided to people who could help us, even though it was a Saturday.


Barry got on his cell phone and began calling the few garages that Google said were open. One man said he could help and would call us right back, but never did and when we tried him again, he did not answer. Another man seemed helpful until I mentioned that our truck was a diesel. He told us he gets severe headaches even being near a diesel engine. Some of the people were rude. No one was kind or caring for the three hours we tried to reach someone to help as we hit one brick wall after another. The rest would not be open until Monday.


Meanwhile, in our camper, the heat was rising and Barry and I and our two golden retrievers were suffering with the sweat pouring down as the temperature hit 100, promising to go even hotter. We kept praying after each call that we made, but we were beginning to lose heart that we would be helped. Visions of enduring extreme heat in this parking lot for two more days were not pleasant. Plus, hotels might not be very welcoming to our two big dogs.


Then Barry looked at his phone and a new garage appeared with the Google message, “Now open.” He called immediately. A friendly woman answered the phone. I saw Barry smile and relax. This woman really knew what she was talking about. She got all our info, and searched for a radiator. There was only one available in the whole area that would fit our truck. She ordered it and told us to get a tow right over to them.


So we had another tow with the same young man who said things were much better with his girlfriend after he followed our advice. Thus continued the miracle. The mechanic came right out to greet us in the tow truck and welcomed us to his shop. The radiator was being delivered to his shop as we pulled in to his parking lot. This mechanic was very quiet, and had a peacefulness that we could feel.


The woman, his wife, invited us into their waiting room which contained all kinds of interesting things and a whole corner with children’s toys. She invited the dogs in and right away gave them a big bowl of cold water. We were the only ones there and, even though it was a garage with all of the garage equipment all around, it had a very peaceful feeling, like coming into a loving home. The mechanic and his grown son worked on our truck for over four hours, a few times having to drive to stores to get other parts. Barry and I waited in this peaceful environment. I actually took a little nap in the waiting room as it was so peaceful, something I would never be able to do in a typical mechanic’s waiting room.


Eventually, Barry struck up a conversation with the father as he worked on the truck. And slowly this sweet peaceful man opened up to Barry about some of his mystical experiences with Divine Mother. He showed both of us the tattoos on his hands with the words, “Love, Acceptance, Honesty, Trust, Integrity.” He told us that he wanted to see these words as he worked on the cars. He also added that he, his wife, and son try to help people in more ways than just fixing their cars and trucks. They want to help people by showing them love and caring.  As they expertly fixed our truck, their love and caring were a soothing balm for us. Even the dogs were happy there.


Four hours later, our truck was ready to go again, and we hugged this very blessed family and thanked them over and over again.


We had needed help and for three very frustrating hours were trying to find the help that we needed. All the while, there was a perfect plan for us already mapped out. Our Divine Source did not just want us to have any kind of help, but guided us to the very best. And this family at Sequoia Auto Repair in Redding were truly like angels to us. Our prayers were answered beyond what we could have imagined.


If only we could always have the faith that our call for help will be answered, perhaps not in the timing that we want, but in the best possible way.

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