The Feast of Love

You are invited to a feast of love. A most extraordinary feast.

But first, you must qualify as a lover . . .

Do you enjoy the feeling of heavenly connectedness with another person? Does it lift your spirits to see someone’s radiant smile as they tell you how much they love and appreciate you?  Does it feel good when your heart wells up with affection toward someone? Are you touched by a magnificent sunset, or the fragrence of a rose, or a lacey waterfall?

If the answer to even one of these questions is yes, then you qualify as a lover — so read on…

The feast is not only spread out before you now. It is also spread out within you. So first, partake of the inner feast…

Enter the garden of your soul — the marvelous inner sanctuary where you can go and rest any time you want or need. Visualize yourself sitting at a power place in this garden, enjoying the fragrence of flowers and herbs, the gentle breeze, the sounds of nature, perhaps the warmth of the sunlight. Feel all of this for a moment.

Now, one by one, bring into this garden each person who has touched your heart, each person who has taught you something about love, each person who has shared with you the sweet ambrosia of divine connection. Some of these people may be from your childhood, where their gentle caring may have reassured you. Some of these people may have crossed your path more recently, each leaving a gift in the garden of your heart. Some of these people are from so long ago that their images have become blurred by fading memory, yet the love shared remains unfaded, a shining treasure in the deepest stronghold of your soul. Perhaps one of these people is still in your life, still gracing you with cherishing and love. All of these people are the honored guests at your feast of love. Welcome them with gratitude.

Next, be aware of the magnificent beings who have not crossed your path in life, for they have always been with you, caring for and supporting you along the way. These are the angels, the illumined ones, the great masters. They would never miss a love feast. Welcome them too with gratitude.

A feast of love is also a feast of life. So, when you are ready, welcome also those in your life who force you to grow:  those who are not so gentle with your soul, so that you may gain strength and healthy boundaries;  those whose appearance in not pleasing so that you can learn to look deeper for beauty;  those who need much from you, providing you with a constant opportunity to rise above the tendency toward selfishness, teaching you how to give.

Finally, you are ready to partake of the feast. Reach out your hand and lift it high with a delicate crystal goblet filled with the essence of all the love from all these precious connections. Let every thought, every feeling of love, every treasured gift, fill that goblet. Bring the goblet to your lips and drink deeply from it.

Feel and express your gratitude and appreciation to be at this remarkable feast of divine love.

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