The Shared Heart Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families, children and teens. We help create an accepting and loving atmosphere which allows people to feel safe. Sessions can be from one to two hours long. Sometimes people need short-term crisis-oriented work, other times in-depth life-changing facilitation. Sometimes it just takes one session to bring about a positive change in your life or relationship. If you are a couple, even if your partner does not want to come to see us, come by yourself and this will set in motion a powerful healing in your relationship. Email info@sharedheart for more information (fees, availability). And, yes, we can provide you with a professional invoice for your insurance.

Couple's Counseling Intensive

For couples who need more help or are in crisis, we offer counseling intensives any day of the week except Sunday. We will meet with you for two hours in the late morning, take a break to help you integrate the morning’s session, then resume for two more hours in the afternoon.

We have found that most every issue can be healed, and almost every crisis and challenge can be worked through to bring a couple even more love. Divorce can be messy and certainly costly. Before you go that route, please consider an intensive day of help for your relationship. This intensive day can also be for couples who are committed to being together, but just want to work through a certain issue. Please email info@sharedheart for more information.

Is Zoom or Phone Counseling Effective?

People who live too far away from Santa Cruz County, CA (or the San Francisco Bay Area) for in-person counseling often ask us if Zoom or phone counseling/therapy works. We have discovered that we can help people just as much over the phone or Zoom. Many people feel safer in their own environment, allowing the process to go deeper. Email for more information.

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