Aptos HomeCenter, CA  Before we as men can love another completely, we need to more deeply connect with our own hearts and with other men. Come to this retreat to learn how this process works, to establish meaningful friendships, and to learn how and why men distract themselves from their true happiness. Located at our HomeCenter in Aptos, CA, the cost (including dorm lodging/bed-rolling or camping and six vegetarian meals from Friday dinner, 6:30pm, through Sunday lunch) is $295. Payment options and cooking trades available. Workshop content, call Rob Gitlin 707/671-4335.

Typical Retreat Schedule:


  • Fri  6:30 Dinner
  •       7:30-9:30 Workshop
  • Sat 8:30 Breakfast
  •       9:30-1 Workshop
  •       1-4 Lunch and break
  •       4-6:30 Workshop
  •       6:30 Dinner
  •       7:30-9:30 Workshop
  • Sun 8:30 Breakfast
  •       9:30-1 Workshop
  •       1-2:30 Lunch and Goodbyes
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