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Annual Men’s Retreat
March, 2024

Men Living from the Heart Retreat 

Mar 15-17, 2024

Willits, CA

Before we as men can really know intimate love, we need to more deeply connect with our own hearts and with other men. Come to this retreat to learn how this process works, to establish meaningful friendships, and to learn how and why men distract themselves from their true happiness. 

What you will learn:

  • Tools for opening the heart and keeping it open
  • Healing the father-son wounds
  • Living your purpose as a man
  • Inner father - inner son connection
  • Deeper relationship skills
  • How and why men distract themselves from their true happiness


What People Say About Barry's Men's Retreats:

“Barry Vissell has been leading men's retreats for over 40 years. He keeps taking risks and exploring new territory and that's what makes him such a great facilitator. He's humble, goofy, and great at creating group and individual safety. I experience Barry as offering to men the perfect blend of nurturing and challenge. You are invited to a deeper level of courageous honesty with yourself and with your brothers. It truly opens your heart to create such safety and connection with a tribe of men. Barry is masterful at letting the group develop and sometimes lead itself. I appreciate him for modeling vulnerability and for keeping his inner child alive.” Scott Grace, author of Teach Me How to Love

"I was impressed at how fast Barry was able to connect with all of us -- and get us to connect with each other -- in a deep and profound way. Besides that, he's fun and funny, very approachable and comfortable to be with." —Mike Hayworth, Eastsound, WA

“Barry Vissell is a medical doctor, but his main medicine is unconditional love. He will lead you on a journey of the heart; thawing icicles of fear, breaking cobwebs of mental preoccupation, and kindling a blaze of warmth, love and connectedness. His work is gentle, yet powerful. It is experiential, practical and moving. You will acquire the tools for opening the heart and deepening your lives and relationships.” —Gary Reiter, MD, Past Vice-President, Rowe Conference Center

“When people ask me what sets Barry Vissell’s workshops apart from the many similar-sounding programs, I tell them that Barry creates an atmosphere of peace, trust and unconditional love, the likes of which few people ever experience elsewhere. Within that atmosphere, participants feel safe enough to look deeply within themselves, and reopen themselves to the joyous experience of life.” —John Kjaargard


Brooktrails Lodge in Willits, CA


Cost (includes workshop, 6 vegetarian meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and either bed-rolling, camping or day use/local lodging): $345/person if paid in full by Mar 8. $395 after Mar 8. $150 non-refundable deposit per person. $150 additional non-refundable after Mar 8.


Typical Retreat Schedule:

Fri  6:30 Dinner

      7:30-9:30 Workshop

Sat 8:30 Breakfast

      9:30-1 Workshop

      1-4 Lunch and break

      4-6:30 Workshop

      6:30 Dinner

      7:30-9:30 Workshop

Sun 8:30 Breakfast

      9:30-1 Workshop

      1-2:30 Lunch and Goodbyes

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